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2016 Resolutions

A new year and a new set of goals/resolutions.  As with previous years, I am trying to set reasonable goals, but also trying to challenge myself to be a better person and do the things that make me happy.  See below for my list of things that may or may not get accomplished in 2016…


Most years this one is unspoken in my mind, but I always want to write more.  This time I am adding it to the official list in the hopes that I will make it happen.  Writing more than last year should not be too hard to accomplish, considering my complete lack thereof.


A little bit different from the standard “diet” resolution.  Much of my day is filled with semi-healthy food (which can be very tiring day after day), but in the evening I usually have a beer or a glass of wine.  With a trip to Hawaii planned for July, limiting the empty calories seems like a great way to start losing a few pounds to be ready for that swimsuit.  Not that I expect to be bikini ready by any means, but I hope to fit into the swimsuits that I bought for the Bahamas trip back in 2010.


Since moving and going back to work, I have spent very VERY little time outside.  Now that we live somewhere that actually has winter, although you would never know it by how mild the winter has been so far, I feel like I should make more of an effort to get my vitamin D while I can.  The kids also love running around outside, which means that they nap better and sleep better at night.  Win, win in my mind.  I just need to remember the sunblock so that I don’t get a burn…


I have a nice new camera, and a brand new lense that I got for Xmas, so I need to be using it.  I love taking pictures, but I am not fast enough for those candid moments most of the time.  I know that will only get better with practice, so this year I want to practice with my camera more.  But the challenge will really be to get a few pictures, and then put the camera away so that I can enjoy the moment with my kids.  I see many photographers taking pictures of their family when all their kids want them to do is stop and come play with them.


This past year has very few pictures with me in them.  Primarily that is because I am the one taking the picture, but it is also because I don’t tell J to “take an effing picture already” to gently remind him that the kids might like to see pictures of both parents someday.  😉  Being in the picture will also help me train myself to be more photogenic, or at least not quite as horrible at looking decent in a picture.

I will not write about that

There isn't much that I feel uncomfortable writing about, so when asked what one topic I will never write about is, I have a hard time coming up with something.  After much thought and many discarded ideas (my marriage, poop, family, food, etc), I finally realized the one thing I will never blog about.  My job.  There are a few reasons that I will not write about my job:

  • The nature of my job (research) means that I am working on things that competitors would like to steal the idea for.
  • If I ever express dissatisfaction with my job, there is a possibility that a coworker may read it and spread it around, thereby putting my continued employment in danger.
  • I have no desire to write about my work; I write to relax and not think about work.

I think that those are three very valid reasons to not write about my job, no matter how I feel about it. Maybe if I ever have my own business or become a domestic engineer (aka stay at home mom) I will feel more free to discuss my work and satisfaction with it.  Ironically, the point is moot currently as I am still on maternity leave.  In conclusion, since I will not write about work, you get to read about the other things in my life . . . mostly the kid.  Sorry not sorry.

Good ‘Ol Pen and Paper

I have recently been dumbfounded at the level of forgetfulness that having a child has created in me.  Pregnancy brain has got nothing on my Mommy brain issues right now.  Remembering things has become such a problem that it is affecting my job.  Time to do something about it, right?  (The memory loss, not the job).

In an effort to stave off senility, I am writting more things down.  I recently went back to my college days and bought an old fashioned paper planner, just like the ones I used to use.  I did this because of various studies and articles that have been appearing suggesting that writting things down helps you remember.  I have always known this when it came to taking notes in class, but I did not think I would ever need to write down daily task lists and Dr. appointments.  Well, I have reached that stage.  The stage of What did I have for dinner last night? and Where is my phone that I just had 2 seconds ago?  I used to pride myself on my ability to remember appointments and random trivia; now I can't remember if I put on deodorant in the morning.

So, back I go into the world of pen and paper.  Goodbye Google Calendar.  Goodbye Evernote.  Goodbye Remeber The Milk.  You have all been fun and helpful on my phone, but I feel lost without you and that is not acceptable any longer.  I no longer wish to be tethered by my cell phone charger.  I wish to be able to remember on my own again.

By MAKY.OREL (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons