The journey so far. . .


Working a full time job including 25% travel, with a husband and 2 kids at home. Sounds pretty typical for a millenial mom, right? As with many people, I struggled to find time to work out and time for myself. I hate waking up early and I really hate running. So the easy options were out. I had heard about pole dancing as a great way to get fit and be in a supportive community of women (and men, and them) so I signed up for my first Pole Intro class at The Girl Spot and I was hooked!


My goal was to take classes weekly, but due to my increasing work travels I ended up closer to a monthly class schedule. I bought a pole for home to practice, in theory, but it didn’t see much use and became a commented upon fixture where our dining room table would have been. I was eventually able to graduate from the Pole Basics class level (by doing a clean climb and pole sit on each side) into the Pole 1 class.


And then there was the pandemic. Classes stopped in March and eventually resumed in July on a limited capacity basis. Due to family and work, I continued to periodically take classes for the rest of 2020. I made no forward progress and slid back quite a bit in my strength.


I went back to school full time and quit my demanding job. This has given me more time with my family and more motivation to get my butt back to class at least once a week. It gave me so much motivation that I signed up for the PSO Northeast Regional Comp. Eeek! And that is where this blog comes in. I am going to work on keeping myself accountable to my training and progress with pole through the rest of 2021 as I get ready for competition. Wish me luck!

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